Welcome to Twin Peaks: Multimedia Project

Bob Takes Over

Killer Bob represents arguably the darkest entity in Twin Peaks — he is a demonic presence that occupies the bodies of normally good-hearted, good-natured, benevolent forces. WARNING: spoilers ahead! The first of Bob’s victims is Laura Palmer’s father, Leland. Once his physical body passes, Bob moves on to occupy the least likely of characters, the outrageously positive and upbeat Agent Dale Cooper. This design is a minimalist take on one of the last shots of the original series in the 90’s, a mirrored shot of Bob and Cooper.

Twin Peaks High School

Twin Peaks High School is where we first learn about Laura Palmer, where we first meet the objects of the teen melodrama that the show satirizes, and the place where Laura forms her good-girl public image that eventually shatters as we learn more. Specifically, the girl’s bathroom is where the women in the story connect with each other and exchange gossip. The simple red line of twin peaks is a marker of the rosiness of girlhood.

One Eyed Jack’s

One of the darkest settings of Twin Peaks is One Eyed Jack’s, a brothel located across the border in Canada. Audrey Horne’s father owns the brothel and uses the perfume section of his department store to recruit women to work there. Audrey, discovering this after getting a job at the perfume counter and learning that Laura Palmer followed through the same path, infiltrates the brothel as a worker to learn more. Through her eyes we discover the secrets of One Eyed Jack’s and the role it plays in Laura’s murder.

The Red Room

Fire Walk With Me

Black as Midnight